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Training & Workshops


Fiona has over 10 years of training experience from when she became a certified trainer in 2003: Training the Trainer (Yorkshire Post Training, Leeds). Her training and workshop deliver has encompassed system, processes and theoretical training both face to face or virtually (Skype or WebEx, for example) either in group sessions or one on one.  Fiona has learnt to gauge an audience and adapt her training to their learning style - or in larger groups, ensuring that the four learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic) are all incorporated to gain better traction.


For training to be effective, the employee has to apply what is learned on the job - otherwise, all the time, money, and effort spent on the training is wasted. That means that training does not end when delegates leave a session. Unfortunately, too many trainers and managers forget this essential step - follow up to ensure transfer of lessons learnt in the field.   Fiona always recommends that a reinforcement, change management and/or coaching package is considered when a training package is purchased.

Training & Workshop Delivery

Recruiting inexperienced support personnel, Fiona would train them on how to use Microsoft Office packages and CRM systems.  She would also coach them on how to provide top notch business support - the emphasis always being on delivering high quality work, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.  


Fiona has trained sales professionals worldwide on how to use their CRM systems to capture data, how to manage their pipelines effectively, how to follow a sales process and methodology and how to sell more consultatively.


Fiona has also trained Sales Managers on how to create sales plans and  implement them, how to coach their sales team in order to drive desired results and how to forecast accurately and run sales meetings.


Fiona can build custom training / workshops to suit your requirements, for example:

  • System or CRM Training

  • Internal Process Training

  • Sales Process Training

  • Sales Strategy Workshop

  • Sales Manager Coaching Skills

  • Pipeline Management & Forecasting Skills

  • Administration / Secretarial Skills

Training Material Production

Fiona enjoys producing MS PowerPoint presentations for workshop content as well as creating training manuals / guides and developing handouts or tools.


With an uncanny eye for detail and a love of document design, these deliverables are easy to absorb and act as aides to assist with ongoing knowledge retention.


Knowledge Retention

Fiona agrees that if training is not implemented immediately in the field, that most of it is lost within the first 30 days.   Studies have shown that immediate application of learning in a real situation can lead to as much as 90% of knowledge retention!


In order to assist with knowledge retention, Fiona designs reinforcement programmes that help to capture key elements of the messaging received and transfers them into guidelines around how to apply them in the field.


Fiona has also created follow-up assessments where delegates are then assessed at various intervals on how they have retained and applied the lessons learnt, and for those that still have training gaps, will recommend reinforcement / refresher training or additional one on one coaching.


What people say
"Fiona trained me on the CRM system (Adapt) and offered ongoing support during my on boarding. She was a talented systems trainer, adapting her style to suit the trainees – either one or one or in group sessions.”
“Fiona was Head of Business Support and she inspired the support team to work to their hardest due to her impeccable work ethic. Fiona was heavily involved in training, not only to the support staff but to other members of the company, including consultants and senior management.
Fiona was so effective in this role that she was awarded with managing teams throughout multiple offices within the UK & internationally.”



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