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Sales Operations


Sales operations are a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organisation run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives.  Possessing over 6 years of experience in the world of Sales Operations, Fiona has specialised in developing Sales Strategy, Sales Process implementation and improvement, Pipeline Management & Forecasting, Account Management, Customer Segmentation, Sales Development training programmes & Sales Manager Coaching as well as CRM management, to name a few areas.

How we can help augment your Sales Operations?

We will analyse and streamline your sales processes & practices to ensure that your sales team are in the office less and instead, spend more time out in the field with customers.  Some areas that Fiona can help you master: 


  • Sales Strategy: A Sales Strategy with identified goals, coupled with a solid Sales Plan mapping out the activities required to achieve your objectives, which then contribute to the achievement of your high level sales goals is key to your short and long-term growth.


  • Sales Process: Research shows that companies who deploy a formal sales process win 48% more, have sales cycles that are 37% shorter and generate 2x the revenue per head.  Having the right sales process means you sell smarter, close more deals, and ultimately increase revenue.


  • Pipeline Management & Forecasting:  Having a formal methodology in place removes the emotion and guesswork out of determining which opportunities deserve your limited sales resources. This allows you to manage your pipeline and consequently forecast more accurately. 


  • Account Management: In order to develop deeper and more valuable relationships with customers, a clear account plan and strategy is required that then needs to be managed for ongoing execution. 


  • Sales Training:  Assessing the competency of your sales team members is pivotal so that you can develop against their identified knowledge gaps. Investing in your Sales Managers so that they become more effective coaches is just as important as it enables sales skill transfer.


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What people say


“Fiona is focused, tenacious and efficient in fulfilling her obligations, making her a great Sales Ops Mgr where such traits are needed to keep the business on track on a continuous basis.”



“A thoughtful, charming and experienced sales operations professional who really knows how to get things done. Hard working, extremely competent, and overwhelmingly positive, Fiona helped our sales team in the GCC streamline our Sales Process and helped us to improve our efficiency.”



“Fiona played a very critical role in our business by introducing the sales operations function to both our UAE and Saudi operations. She managed to add a lot of value to the business, and always delivered high quality work.” 


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