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Fiona Nazha's Professional Business Services were launched in 2014 to bridge a gap in the UAE business market - a lack of top quality brand & document management, administrative & secretarial, sales operations, training, project & change management, process analysis & improvement, remote business support on a cost-effective and flexible pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Reliable, top-quality skills only a telephone call away.

  • No permanent employment costs (monthly salaries, work visas, insurance).

  • Simply pay-as-you-go to meet your business support needs.

  • Time is money and we will save you both – fast and efficient support.

  • Flexible hours mean that your needs can be serviced outside of the standard 9-5 working day.

  • Excellent references and recommendations, with over 15 years of proven track record in business support.

  • Peace of mind that your business needs and deadlines will be professionally met, to the highest quality.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) who treats all business support services (whether small or large) with the same care and attention, planning how to achieve the very best result in the minimum amount of time.


Perhaps you are a start-up company who does not wish to employ permanent support staff yet but you still have business support needs that you would like to see fulfilled to a high standard, in a short space of time?


Maybe you don't have enough on-going requirements that would justify recruiting someone on a full-time basis but need things to get done now, rather than waiting?


Or could it be that your existing business support staff either do not have the time (heavy workloads) or maybe don't have the right skills / competences to deliver your requirements, so outsourcing certain elements would make more sense?


Whatever your reasons, we guarantee that your needs will be met to agreed deadlines, exactly as required, leaving you satisfied with the end result.

"Quality, professional business support & secretarial services on a cost-effective and flexible pay-as-you-go basis."

Why use us?

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